Dangerous Kiss by Jackie Collins (Book 5 in The Lucky Santangelo Sage Series)

This book is about when a member of her family is brutally gunned down in a random holder the fury knows no bounds she tracks him down deadly kiss is the story of raw anger murder revenge and white hot scented ruthlessness is lucky a strong exciting woman who dares to take chances and always and I mean always she always wins her model is no one messing with the family when you mess with the family you mess with me lucky is about to take down the people who killed her family how that’s you have to find out when you read the book like I told you all five books are page turners you don’t want to put them down because you want to know what she’s going to do next her family is the top of the crime family and they don’t play no games and neither does she. This book is available from Amazon on Kindle and audiobook enjoy you ain’t going to want to put it down or turn it off.

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