The Christian and Complete Armor (volume 2 of 3) by William Gurnall

The several pieces of the whole armor of God chapter 2 starts out with chapter 6 The fifth consideration the Christians spiritual girdle the truth of doctrine as a girl for the mind he explains it and breaks it down protection from the Damned natures of false doctrine protection from the subtle nature of imposters universal influence and so on like I said the first time in the first book this book is a must for all Christian libraries and it will help you understand more about the armor of God how to use it and how to use it to protect yourself cuz the Bible tells us in the book of Ephesians chapter 6 as Christians we ought to put on the whole arm of God that is the only way we can defeat the enemy that’s the only way we can defeat the devil by putting on the whole arm of God and I just pieces but the whole arm of God you can get this book at Amazon Kindle all the book for me I prefer the book I hope you get it and enjoy it.

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