The President’s Daughter is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton

This book by James Patterson president’s daughter is missing is one is the second part to the first one the president is missing why they take his daughter you have to read to find out what was the purpose this book is full of suspense full of thrillers twists and turns that you ain’t going to even imagine and people that’s going to turn that you won’t even think was going to turn and I guarantee you you won’t want to put it down once you get started this book is that good I read the book within two days cuz it’s thick but I read it within 2 days and it’s and it’s well worth it you can buy this book and the one by James Patterson which I already described both on Amazon and buy the book or you can buy Kindle enjoy cuz I sure have did it’s a page Turner you ain’t going to want to put it down it’s that good.

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