Total Depravity part 3

Original sin has to do with the fallen nature of mankind. The idea is that we are not sinners because we sin, but that we sin because we are sinners. We are by nature sinners. So the doctrine of total depravity describes and defines a particular view of original sin that has its roots in the bible. It means that the fall is so serious that it affects the whole person. Our fallenness that captures and grips our human nature affects our whole body, that is why we get sick and we die. It affects our mind and our thinking. The Bible speaks about how the mind has become darkened and weakened. The will of man is no longer in its pristine state of moral power that the will according to the new testament, is now in bondage to man’s human nature, we are totally enslaved to the evil impulses and desires of our heart. and so the mind, the will, the spirit, and the whole person has been infected by the power of sin. the human nayure that we sin that it touches every part of our nature. The reformed view says that the fall extends, and penetrates to the core. The word that is used for core actually is a translation from the Latin word, core, which means heart. That is the idea that our sin is something that comes from our heart and in biblical terms that means from the very core or from the center of man’s heart. A man by the fall into a state of sin man hath wholly lost all ability of will to do any spiritual good that pleases God or accompanying his or her salvation, so man can not convert or save himself from this state of sin done can even prepare him or herself for salvation. So that this doctrine affirms that man’s freedom in a certain area has been wholly or completely lost by the fall; not that man has completely lost his power of free choice or of making decisions but his been completely lost and that certain thing that is in view here is that man has lost the ability to convert or save himself or to will on his own steam any spiritual good. So in conclusion So the many who hate this doctrine will always be ready to oppose it. The truth is never popular. we are, however, not concerned with what is popular, but with what the bible said is right. When I get into the doctrine of freewill then I will look at the first point of Arminianism.

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