Unconditional Election

There are a lot of people that teach that unconditional election is not based on holy wit, but if you take the time to study the bible you will see this doctrine on every page of the bible. An unconditional election means that you do not have to do anything to get elected. In the bible what did Abraham do to get elected? when God called him from his homeland in Genesis chapter 12? he did not do anything, just like Moses out of the burning bush in Exodus chapter 3? he didn’t do anything Moses did not even know the God of the Hebrews. One more in the old testament the prophet Jeremiah what did he do to get elected a prophet? God made him a prophet from the womb before he was even born. Now in the new testament, what did the apostles do to get elected and to be called apostles? Likewise, the apostle Paul procured the church. All of these were elected and they did not meet any kind of conditions they were elected solely on God’s sovereign grace without meeting any kind of conditions. God has from eternity elected, or chosen, in Christ, some of the fallen human race a certain, definite number of people unto salvation. This choice was unconditional, gracious, and free; it was not due to anything foreseen in those who were chosen. Salvation does not depend upon the so-called free will of man but upon the sovereign will of God. Salvation is not man’s work, but God’s; that salvation is not due to man,s decision for God, but to God’s eternal decision for man. so you see in the end salvation is a total work of the almighty God and man has nothing to do with it so man’s salvation is solely and totally unconditional it’s solely on the sovereign will of God. So you see that unconditional election is based on the Bible.My next blog will be on Limited Atonement.

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