Dark Fall by Dean Koontz

It’s a story about a city that’s being attacked from where they don’t know how these little creatures get in they don’t know they don’t know what’s going on someone is watching them someone is stalking them the clock is ticking it’s a fast pace moving twisted story about the most horrible and Chase and ever been doing you have to find out you have to read the book find out who’s chasing them why they’re being chased and find out also about the voodoo by qua and a little creatures he uses that terrorizes the city you’ll be fascinated cuz whoa not me when I was reading this book I was on the edge of my seat cuz I could not stop reading because I wanted to know how they get in how they get stopped you going to be the same way enjoy the book. After reading this book you going to want to keep the lights on you can get this book from Amazon on Kindle or audiobook enjoy and leave a light on.

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