Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

This is story of a town full of vampires when strangers come into the town and they don’t know what’s going on and a town feels funny and it looks strange but they were trying to figure out what the world is going on then they find out that the town is head inhabited by vampires and then the people that’s in the daytime they walk around protecting the vampires how they get out of the Town how they protect themselves how they destroy the town and how they destroy and kill the vampire boy this book had me on my edge of my seat cuz I was dreaming about vampires for 3 days you would love to book cuz you going to want to know how this how do they kill these vampires and when enjoy it. This book is available from Amazon on Kindle and audiobook hope you’re not scared of vampires they will come after you at night just kidding it’s a great book you will love it cuz I loved it even though I dreamed about vampires for 3 days I still love the book and went back and read it two more times that’s how good it is enjoy it.

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