Irrestable Grace also known as Effectual calling.

The Holy spirit regenerates, and call all of the elect to repent and to believe. The gospel calls all who hear it ( this is hearing with a spiritual ear, not a physical or a naturalear but a spiritual ear)true repentance and believe in the gospel are the results of the new birth not the cause of it. those that can hear spiritually are those that have already been born-again by the Holy spirit in regeneration they are the ones that have the spiritual ear to hear. But those that are not born-again always resist and do disobey this call of the spirit because it is an external calling. Besides the call which is external,and is often ineffectual, there is another, which is internalcall and is effect. this call always produces repentance and faith, and therfore secures salvation. the unregenerated will remain under the wrat of God and in condemnation. The external call is always disobeyed because wicked men will not come to christ that they may have life: the internal call operates on the will itself, working in men to will and to do, and rendering God’s peoplewilling in the day of his power. The internal is always and totalling unresisted. Hence regeneration, considered as the work of the Holy Spirit, is the same as effectual calling; considered as the change of the sinner’s heart, it is the effect of this calling. The calling is totally effectual, because it always produces regeneration in the subject on whom it operates. until next time God Bless and God keep.

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