Raptured by Ernest Angley

It’s about the rapture of the church when the church is taken a young lady is the hero her name is Heather she goes to church and hear the story of the rapture and comes home and tell her parents and in that night she goes to sleep and dream that the rapture took place and when she woke up she she found that it was a reality that it already have taken place and the things she go through doing this time she’s a hero she brings others to saving faith. Read how the beast reigns and come into power how he torment and torture people who are Christians who have not taken the mark of the beast. read this fascinating book you wouldn’t want to put it down because you going to want to know what happens to her what happens to her family what happens to her friends and the things that’s taking place. Non-Stop reading enjoy. This book is available from Amazon on Kindle and audiobook or you can just buy the book if you want the book is good I enjoyed it and I know you will too.

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