The Attributes of God by Arthur W. Pink

This book is astonishing because you’ll learn a lot about the attributes of God a lot of people even preaches that preaching the pulpit don’t know about the attributes of God a lot of them don’t even preach the attributes of God because they don’t know God you need to preach and teach the attributes of God people think that we don’t have to preach doctrine no more we do and the attributes of God will show you and teach you exactly that how God is and we’ll do it by scripture the book is a must for every Christian add it to your library read it study it and know it but once you read it know it and study it ain’t nobody can trick you or deceive you when it comes to the attributes of God just like my other post when it comes to the sovereignty of God nobody can trick you because you know how to answer and you know the scriptures for yourself this is an excellent book read it please you can get the book on Amazon I’ll send you the link.

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