The Book of Enoch by Richard Laurence

The Book of Enoch is one of the Lost books of the Bible I’ve read it I own it and it’s very very specific because it talks about the watches it talks about the end times when we read the book of you when when you said that 10,000 of his saints read The book of Enoch it explains it a lot of the book of Enoch explains a lot of stuff that we do not know that was in the Bible I think it would be profitable and inspirational for people to actually buy this book and read it because it’s an excellent book it inspires you and encourage you to live right and it helps you because it helps you understand a lot of stuff that took place in the Bible that we don’t understand you can buy the book at Amazon I read the book and it is outstanding after reading a change my life and my perspective when it come to the word of God and it’ll do the same for you enjoy it. You can get it through Amazon I will send you show you the link where you can get it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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