The Sovereignty of God by Arthur W. Pink

People don’t realize that today we never hear any sermons on the total sovereignty of God you had sermons on prosperity where you can make money but you don’t hear sermons on the sovereignty of God explaining that God is God king of kings and Lord of lords read this book it will change your perspective of what’s going on today it would change your perspective and show you that God is in control of everything that God is God and there’s no one above him the book is good it’s inspiring but it breaks down a lot of stuff it breaks down God’s sovereignty and salvation God sovereignty and free will God sovereignty and man’s responsibility these are things that we need to know as members of the body of Christ. God’s sovereignty and administration or sovereignty over sin we need to know these things that’s why we need to study to show yourself a proof when you get this book don’t just open the book and read it have your Bible pen and paper read the book follow the scriptures and you’ll find everything that you see in the scriptures is true when it comes to this book and the book will change your life because it would help you and teach you how to defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a born again believer we all need this book read it understand it know it not just read it and know it but it will help you to live it you can get the book I’ll send you the link and you can get the book from Amazon.

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